Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Most read of 2012

With the power invested in me by Google Analytics, here's the top 10 blog entries as chosen by you, my dear readers.

By far the most popular from 2012 was written in 2011, a love letter to the long gone but not forgotten BR logo

Similarly, two entries from 2009 continue to be well read last year, namely the infamous moment when I took to OFCOM to rally against Derren Brown, who I don't like particularly much

I'll be honest, I can't remember writing an entry about violent video games and video classification, but it sits in the top ten after the year end so I can't deny it had an audience...

Memo to candidates everywhere - if you're hoping to be elected in Town B, don't sound like you did when talking to Town A. Memo to MPs everywhere - don't do as Nadine Dorries does. Ever, if you can help it.

A blog I wrote two years ago in favour of Police and Crime Commissioners picked up readers in the run up to the actual elections, and to be honest, I couldn't be more in disagreement with myself, as I soon learned to distrust and dislike the proposals. A man can be allowed to change his mind.

Another popular blog in the top 10 came from October, in which I once again banged the drum against Council Tax.

Government re-shuffles was the topic of discussion in a blog which picked up on the growing support for UKIP (wherever that may lead us this year...)

Sadly now missing most of its images due to a Photobucket purge, my entry detailing a day-trip to Oldham just sneaks into the top 10