Tuesday, March 24, 2009

repeated memes

In the dream, there was a group of men offering money for performing quite bizarre private acts. But the dream was not like that, as during this 'scene' a person I know in real life asked me for a loan of a tenner or somesuch, and took me to one side on the way to a bank. It was here when I was thrown to the floor and threatened with a gun for what is understood to be my behaviour behind closed doors.

My escape was invisbility, and teleportation, which are powers I have enjoyed in dreams for as long as I can recall. I would suffer "sleep levitation" in my youth which I connect with these repeated memes. The dream concluded with two seperate storylines: I was found clearing up balls of faeces and piles of clothes, and I attempted to resolve the prejudiced mind of the attempted assillient. There was no credits or theme tune, regardless (or inspite of) the filmic nature of the dream.