Thursday, January 15, 2009

empty hearts and shallow laughs

In which a sustained cackle deepens and broadens. The slight and subtle killer of dreams, dressed in black (naturally), whipping the future away with a broad brush of his hands...The clown without make-up, who ran before he could walk, and now in the style of a lesser known Greek god, drags everyone behind him while he crawls...

In this thread, the knots of disappointment. They are worn bracelet-fashion, dangle, cheap but attractive, which is their curse. Intricate carving on the underside, something like a code (maybe not a spell). To decipher this would not bring forth the word of God, which should not deflate (or, indeed, disappoint).

Fate has decreed too much has been moving in the right direction. For now, the empty words and the wall of debt and the burning leaves, they all swirl and dance in invisible courtyards, ready to be shown when the light is cruelly robbed.