Saturday, August 09, 2008


It takes the words from other peoples' songs, drawn from your own context, to place everything in context. Those silent jigsaw pieces falling into place, those stones of reality used to make the river seem less difficult to cross. It takes the massive to bring the tiny into perspective.

Openings of clouds does not always bring sun. Yesterday in the horizon, tomorrow through the hazy prism of realisation. Growing older, always stretching for full comprehension. Knowledge is the worst thing, when the truth is so hard to comprehend. Truth humbles, it doesn't just hurt.

I have been faced with many challenges, but recently they have built up with such rapidity and resulting depth, I feel exhausted. It sends my thoughts two-steps ahead, into the bleak, the macabre. Deep breaths, hold on to the edge of time and tide, and march forwards...It is cruel, for reasons for more complex than I would like.

The subtle shifts in other parts of my life seem hopelessly trivial now.