Monday, June 30, 2008


Very insular, this blog. Good thing, perhaps. No critics. No eyes, either, though, or minds; so important, on the 'net, to have minds as well as eyes. It cannot be solely music downloaders and single men whacking off over "freeview" clips can it? No matter, I digress...

I will not be writing a novel about Martin and Yvonne, two evangelical types who began to wander down separate garden paths when his "lightswitch" got turned off leaving his relationship with God as lonely as the one ultimately with the latter, who goes all insular within her prayer group to the extent that by the end, there's no happy ending as such, more a realistic conclusion open to interpretation. Martin will - would, were I to write this novel - have a drug-dealing wheelchair bound friend called The Genk, whose name would be italicised for no reason throughout, so as to provide the reader with a question from this introduction; whilst Yvonne will live her life in flashback with jolly-hockeystick types called Jenni and Esther, or else with some extreme take on typical lefty-feminist types with cutesy-pie American accents. I'd call these names like Wanda or Jeza, were I ever to write this novel.

Which I may never do.

David Davis, meanwhile, former MP for Boothberry, and presently ex-member for Haltemprice and Howden, resigned his seat and Shadow Home Secretary position for the sole reason of the sword of fair play and the shield of...No, I mean, civil liberties, including ID cards and CCTV, but largely as a reaction to the 9-vote majority which allowed the 42-day detention without trail law change through despite mounting opposition. The resulting by-election was supposed to pit the mad/insane/quixotic/principled* Mr Davis against the Labour Party, who had been painted as Orwellian (or Brotherian, I guess) nannies of the most statist kind. Alas no-one at Labour HQ wanted to play Davis at his "stunt", so instead the 26-strong by-election ballot paper includes a Christian who once wrote "So Macho", the National Front, High Priest of the truely bonkers David Icke, the Green Party, countless ex-UKIP members now standing for other parties or as barely "independent" candidates, and the Mad Cow Girl. It is truely like no other democratic contest on earth,

42 days without detention is, of course, the most frightening piece of authortarian legislation this country has ever known, but my breath is held not one second for the rising up in protest by the population. That dream would be truly mad.