Saturday, December 30, 2006

Upon happenstance and equinox

Not the same, but different. That's an in-joke for those who follow me from the other blog expecting the same head-line/title to introduce the same text. Overlap, often, but not today.

This is the new year, then, and there is time for re-evaluation. Not quite ready for the Ribble, I assure you. Waking up in a cold, quiet bed still frustrates (oh, aye...) and whilst the morning is brisk my intentions for the day are distractions rather than constructive events. Such is life, or at least such is mine. My money siutation is in need of urgent help. Having (a bit) in ISAs and ShareSave schemes is not enough. Resolutions are needed, and they should be heeded, like the Commandments, or else at least the House Rules of school.

A year of change, certainly. Bored quite quickly with the repeated recorded reports from News 24, whose "main headline" playfully skipped around Bush's sleeping statement. Walked in to town, from there to here and around, football later. Burscough in the drizzle. Of course my mind worries about other things, but until absolute closure there is nothing else for my mind to settle on. Questions, answers, you've heard a lot of this before. I shall try and keep you updated, although the internet booths around town are not reliable. Certain events from this year resonate still; others cause brief moments of silence. Songs from certain periods carry their own context. And still the smile wears a shine, for there is no need for me to drag everyone else down. I have never wanted to be a burden for anyone, as has been mentioned before.

The day is still churnng outside. I will update you when I can...