Saturday, December 02, 2006

Beyond Orion

Not the happiest of men, but I never seem to be. Ah for the days of joy, and beer, and assuming jigsaw pieces would fall into place upon their own accord. Last night, staring out of my window at the buffeted trees, searching for Orion, drinking nothing but fizzed-up cola, I wondered if all the best laid plans of man are best left for the mice.

Today, though, and later on...Waiting at the traffic lights to cross in town, a couple walk up beside me: he is a sensible-haircut on legs, she a smaller, all blonde kind with notable features. He says something like "Did you know the power a kangeroo needs to jump all comes from just one toe on its left foot?", and for about a good minute or so after this, he says nothing but "Ah, you didn't know that, though, you didn't know that? You didn't, did you, didn't know that..." as a teacher (albeit a particularly cruel one) would speak to a child.

I have been charged 99p for one pomegrante. Really not pleased. The danger at this time of year, in this climate, comes from fruit rotten from the inside out. This is why Classic literature loves the pomegrante, it has such a potent message.

Now, then, is time to move on. All these changes, and me stuck in the middle, when I should be moving beyond the clouds and in search of The Hunter.