Friday, November 10, 2006

Terrorism "threat" is cynical ploy

I have been around the block enough times to know a cyncial press release at face value. In the week George W. Bush is given a drubbing at the polls, with Iraq policy one of the main reasons for such a defeat, the UK leaps to the rescue with a nicely timed speech by MI5 chief Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller. The Honourable Lady gave facts, and figures, and handy soundbites, to assure Britain that all effort has to be made to stop the threat of terrorism being a shadow across our land "for a generation." I have no personal doubt that this country is a target - but the United Kingdom has been such in the past, and has been through a lot more testing times in history than the tabloid stories and trumped up threats would have me believe. Not once during the IRA bombing campaign did the tarmac at Heathrow Airport rumble under the tracks of tanks. Why would the tabloid papers be fed untruths about ricin plots, or a serious threat against Old Trafford, other than to ensure the citizens of the UK remain fearful, and wary, and grateful for all the protection we are about to receive?

"Poisonous propaganda", how Blair describes the threat against the UK, and the free world. Such poisonous policies as the prejudiced thinly veiled racism of his Terroism Acts have been frustrating British Muslims since 2001. A threat against this nation exists, and tragic though the 7 July attacks were, no good will be done by the constant prodding of a Muslim community who are exhausted with trying to justify thier right to remain in the country in which they were born, and educated. I do not ignore the reality of Muslims who are spreading evil across the world, spreading lies across the minds of innocent children, but I will not accept this "pulling the tail of a sleeping dog" approach, which comes along at very convienient times indeed for an establishment intent on stopping our civil liberties from ever again flourishing.

My only wish is for perspective, but all I see is a frothing uncontrollable xenophobic panic, hungry for control; ignorant of history: intent on destroying reason and honesty. It is born and raised within the corridors of Downing Street and Whitehall, and let loose across the country. These "threats" are almost entirely fantastic fiction. My only hope is surely fading.