Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Moved into my new room, more or less. There are baby steps, and a creaking step, and the place has a certain atmoshpere I think will be comfortable, enjoyable. There are money issues, which I have always had, but given the changes ahead there will be more worries than I have ever had until the creases are ironed out. On Monday, at the supermarket on a lunch break, my credit card was rejected. If this is as bad as I suspect, then the only way is down. This fall will hurt considerably.

Last night was a pub quiz, which my new housemate assures me is the kind of night time activity which was once a habit. Joint second but as with life no prizes for coming second. Priority number one must surely be returning to the music scene, where I once enjoyed great times, and respect. My writing hand is sore, and following a week of emotion, my head needs to look at clearer waters. Storms pass overhead but there will always be rumbles of thunder. Somewhere there is green calm, although not if the front of the local paper is to be believed. Such are the ways of the world. Awkwardness remains, as a shadow.

More of all this in time, if I can maintain access to my computer.