Friday, November 24, 2006


Outside, rain. Cold, too. Hopefully this blog is not read by everyone I know, or those who know people who should not be reading here. See, my problem: worried about being rude, I am more so than I imagine. The fringes of being polite. The new house is not working out. My only chance of escape is hoping my old landlord writes a good reference letter. The coffee-mug-against-the-wall I did not get round to fixing - or mentioning - works against me.

Today, a challenge for my reader. No record of surfing patterns here, so I guess there may only be me and one other set of eyes. If the only thing you say to the woman at the corner shop is, "Oh, and 20 Richmonds please," or if the one phrase shared with the bus driver whose name you don't know is "Oreet", or "cheers", or "ta", even, do all of us a favour. Change it. Say more than one thing to them. Ask the postie how he is, the ticket inspector about The Ashes, the post-office woman about the redesign of the £20 note. Have you heard of the odds-on favourite for the new tenner, incidentally? Dylan Thomas. I know, honestly, it'll be fantastic...

So, go on. I have money to spend, hair to be cut. You are all forgetting the wonder of language. I want to hear more of it, from now, onwards.

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Chiv said...

Dylan Thomas? Heh, awesome! If I ever come back, I'll be changing all my fives and twenties into tens, should that happen =)