Tuesday, November 07, 2006

and this is goodbye

I guess I will spend my life in railway stations.

Another suitcase, another picture from another wall. And what happens then...? With my usual characteristic flair for organisation, I have no organisation. Griddled pork chops rest in the stomach, whilst bags of books, overflowing like potato sacks full of autumn leaves, scatter around the feet. Three cardboard boxes rest dormant, like fat dogs snoozing. I have no car to get to my new house, nor do I have a good enough upper body strength to get there on foot. It would be laughable, but I am used to this sort of thing by now.

Work? Oh, yeah, fine. The updates from the office have been going on my other blog, largely because it sits better there, although relationships therin have not improved completely. There are roses, and storms, and there are tides. As for internet access, I will find out in time, and will update you as soon as I can. Heheh, "you" - who the Hell am I talking to?

This could be goodbye, for now.