Saturday, October 07, 2006

This Is Saturday

Strange things on the walk from my friend's house to here this morning. Two middle aged Polish men, standing 200 metres from each other, having a very animated argument. I could not here many words similiar to English, and to be fair the language could have been Russian or Czech or somesuch, but with a barely noticable breeze, I could hear one of the determined gentlemen as I turned around the University library.
Money issues sit around, like some form of daemon. This week away from work has been much needed, although now I sit wondering if I can afford the next three weeks with any ease. Tentatively rough sketch plans for every weekend from today to payday, but now I must consider the possibility of a housemove. Never yet have I calculated quite beyond the short-term decisions, as my diaries prove. So, maybe, football and gigs to come, whilst the alternative plan may be getting moderately pickled rather than spending more than I could possibly afford under new circumstances.
The most bizarre series of dreams - maps, floating (I do a lot of flying and floating, I notice), my family and friends, cups of tea and demolishing buildings and...a coach station. Yes, a coach station and somewhere called....Pwlltwyn or Pwlltwyd, which I am sure does not exist. I woke with an uneasy sense of concern, like hearing a message whispered in my ear in French.
Anyway, yes, there are plates to be spun. Onwards, and if plans happen, you will no doubt be told