Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Teenager stabbed in Preston

In Avenham, where I have stood three times in council elections, a riot involving 200 youths, a teenager was stabbed. This is the second such riot in recent months, I think three months ago, and it is the second "racially motivated" crime. What a strange phrase. "Racially motivated" is something of a plaster, isn't it, to stick over the wound. Then again what else could it possibly be? Avenham has improved recently but the current climate will always stir suspicion, trouble. It happened at Clarendon Street Mosque, the main (or one of the main) mosques in Preston. Highly influential. No question at all of the Mosque being some kind of breeding ground of trouble or terrorism, none at all, but you get a crowd whipped up and there is no guessing what they will do.

I live somewhere else in Preston, about 10 minutes away by brisk stroll. Last night, white youths screeched their cars, shouted, yelled, scarpered at the sound of sirens. There is nothing to be done with them. The depressing state of affairs is: there is nothing to be done with them.