Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday, Sunday

Read The Observer whilst drinking coffee (second of the morning). Think about what section to take to the bathroom with me. Notice the tabloids put pixels over Joey Barton's arse, but Match of the Day shows it 5 times from different angles. Notice David Cameron stealing words from JFK. Notice £20 cash is now £6.75 in change.

Preston is sleepy. Grey, sleepy, tired, empty. No cars, for the second week running, I notice no cars on the road from the walk from mate's house to here. Sleepy city. No toast, bread is peppered with dust and sprouts of mould. CDs litter the floor - Abba, Bjork, Noir Desir, Idlewild, Beck, Jane's Addiction, Massive Attack, The KBC, Leftfield. Not the good Leftfield, either, or least not the one everyone has. Kitchen is 19.5ºC. Doktorb is 10 stone 5. Loose change in penny jars (a number of cups pilchered from kitchen) is £9.84. Tory lead over Labour - 0. I will collate some figures, do the same as a few weeks back, make some kind of average based on facts, twist and turn, analyse and what not. Still not finished Cloud Atlas. Desk - pay slip, Korn's Greatest Hits, The KBC's "Pride Before A Fall" single, and Bjork's Medulla. An old poppy from a few November's ago now, and a train ticket, one self-adhesive stamp, a stapler, an old library card, and a promotional "Try Me Free" sticker from an orange juice drink. Paper, and a pencil, and lines inviting me to write. My gran's birthday card, not yet sent.

Week off work coming. Good. Time off means relaxed. Now is not relaxed but it will come.