Saturday, October 21, 2006

nothing to worry about

This blog can be read at work, by those who wish to, thanks to the bizarre arbitary nature of the Internet access rules there. A slight awkwardness comes to me in relation to writing about office-based days now, given how jumpy companies and organisations can be with blogging. Yesterday had a great swathe of fun and games, originating from the IT dept., whose balance of good eggs and meddling knowalls is not set fairly. Those who fiddle do it because they think it is possible to undo, always with one eye on the exit out from the programmes they are playing around with. One episode involves utility prints having their colour removed for reasons unknown. Yesterday, more unexplained episodes with missing job packs and utility prints - why was there a problem? I can't say, to be honest with you, but it's resolved now. But I need to know where the problem was..? No, honestly, it's fine, I can't really say...

Elsewhere, then, and there is nothing to worry about. The house move is - I assume - all ready to go, notwithstanding my ignorance of the logistics of moving. All my worldly goods are fit within the one room, so I can avoid any week-long trek from place to place. From postcode 6LX to 7UQ.

Outside - sun, with cluttering clouds, a breeze. Inside, the carpet is lost amongst writing paper and disgarded socks. A box of Christmas cards rests, waiting, just outside my eye-line. Madonna, and Oscar Wilde, look at me from their respective CD case and book cover. All seems, I think, fine. Money to one side, all else is adequately alright. I know that is like saying "Other than the elephant in the room, I am alone," but honestly: I am doing okay.