Friday, October 13, 2006

lost amongst the libdems

I have reached the point where I no longer care if members of the local LibDems read this. An uncharacteristic confidence consumes. All recent history has underlined how "student union" our local party has become. No wonder members bored of the farce are welcoming the new constituency boundaries - it means an escape from the petty politics of bald men fighting for combs. My geography is a problem. It means there is no legitimate way for escape.
In one corner, our chair. A very "handshakes and warm words" kind of guy. He really annoys me generally, but he has one central fault which frustrates without delay: he is dishonest. Promises come from his mouth like water; there is rarely anything from these promises. Lots of photographs with "names". Little action. As Chair, he is all smarm without charm.
The other corner, our treasurer. A "this is what we agree on" person. Gets things done, but without much communication. It's all very action-plan, flipcharts, management speak. It's done with notes scribbled in the corner. Lots of rules, lots of constitutional points, lots of backs being patted, and rubbed.
Where do I fit...? It means I feel our of my depth. Don't know who to talk to, beyond email. This is how our Party communicates now. There is supposed to be an AGM next month, but no-one knows how to organise one, and it seems before long we're going to implode into a non-existant dead association if nothing is done in time. The deflation I feel when talking about it hides an anger that the local party is such a laughable joke. We do not communicate, it seems only a small fringe takes the Exec seriously. Frankly, the 20-odd of us who are still members are treading water. Tides coming in.No-one to save.
The local LibDems are looking pathetic, and ineffectual.