Saturday, October 14, 2006

individual thought processes

Ah, the Internet. It is never easy just to turn up and type, I notice. My natural preference for the "hard copy" diaries remain, at least they don't delete swathes of text on the press of a button. Had they buttons. Sorry, moving on.

Local Lib Dems contiued. For all it matters. Our Treasurer has written an email claiming there are no records of me being a member of the party. I know his thinks I am on the side of the Chair, but as Secretary I would have thought we would all get on to some degree...We're a local party of less than 30 members, it's not quite the Kensington and Chelsea Conservatives.

There are other issues, there always ends up being other issues, and these include arguments (within a nummber of spheres) and work...I have always got to find myself within one circle of problems. It is not as though it is a situation in which I feel comfortable. These things happen, for which I have a reputation, and until there are solutions I cannot really map out a route of escape.

As ever, more later. Actually, there should be more later. I began this blog as an alterative to you know where but it now seems to be some form of mirror site. Yeah. More later.