Sunday, September 10, 2006

Nice day, shame about the politics

Ah, the morning news papers. Just letting the bacon sandwich soak up the Smiths, flicking my eyes over the latest briefings, counter-briefing and all the rest of it from the Week Blair Would Like To Forget (Part 6, or 7, or...). The current update, fresh from Brown's interview on Sunday AM, is one of ceasefires, and getting back to policy, and respecting the Prime Minister's decision. No Prime Minister has left office with head high, and Blair is watching his own personal hisotry being written in less than flattering terms, but Tony has gone one step beyond even Thatcher by putting up a clock in the left hand corner of the screen ticking down the days until he leaves. We all know, those who give even just a passing care about such matters, that he should not have made any reference to standing down until he was just about to do so. The current guessing games and spin are boring, destructive, and damaging to the wider importance of politics in the country. Nobody who lives in a run down estate in the middle of an urban sprawl cares about the who-said-what-to-whom bubbles of gossip, but no newspaper editor wants to return to health statistics or education policy when there is regicide in the air.

Away from all this, how am I doing? Nice day, shame about the politics. At home, where minor issues have been building up for ages, and at work where there are all manner of rocks and boulders raining down upon me, the day-to-day has its usual barriers and trip hazards. I say a lot more in the "hard copy" journals I have used since 2000, because the inner worries of my little world are more suited to the paper than the interweb. I cannot imagine, for I am always worried about saying the wrong thing through the wrong medium, never mind the context, putting some of my current worries on line. Money issues are usually alright, because we all have money issues so it doesn't matter if I begin constant paragraphs about the credit card bill (just over £1,300), or the salary (currently being emptied because of more drink than usual), or the debt (which techinally is just the credit card given the ease with which I have been able to fend off T-Mobile, but still...). Questions and answers and constant boring references to the same all bottom lines stop me from going on about these issues all the time, which is a refreshing piece of information for you, and for me.
It is a nice day, though, outside. Walked from my mate's house to home earlier, with the Smiths hangover a bit stronger than now. The sky was egg-yolk yellow, the sun liquid but cooled by the breeze. Nothing in the sky but kitten fur clouds, and no sound other than my own footsteps and the hum of distant traffic. This Sunday is still, and quiet, and calm. Just nipped out now for some bread - the bread bin was filled with a plastic bag and green dust - and the quiet remains. Few cars out, which is unusual given where I live, on the top of a rectangle topped-and-tailed by two major A roads. Autumn is on coming, as is Hurricane Florence, who is battering Bermuda but is not just on the way to the mid-Atlantic and possibly Europe, but is one of the largest tropical storms in recent years- did I read 215miles from eye to furthest point? She could stay fixed to the Carribean, but the predicted route suggests autumn in the UK could begin with a real battering. We have had the ghosts of Alberto and Debby.

This week - more rubbish from work. We are two people down, at least, with one signed off with depression. I did some unpaid overtime on Saturday, trying to clear the backlog from two regions, but the lists keep growing even with the processing. I wil go in early on Monday to try and get one element out of the way, but the systamatic failures of the company are too great to be ignored, although the concept of dismissing woes is something I notice can be done easily in the higher reaches of the place.Tragically, I actually like the people I work with, so could not leave for somewhere else. I may have been driven close to a breakdown more than once, but the place has too much attraction to be somewhere in the back of the memory - it has to remain at the front of my present and future. Sadly, tragically, bizarrely, I mean every word. Also this week, I think a few drinks with peeps, money notwithstanding. As ever thus, more later on this.