Monday, September 25, 2006


The lightbulb in my room has blown. I woke at....about 20mins ago. The desklamp bulb has gone too, so that all looks well for the week. Our hall light is ripe for picking, and I may do so tonight.
Strange dreams - was talking in bare minimum French to a young lady I cannot describe, but she was noticably beautiful. Then, in the way of dreams, it all changed on a beat to being a very different kind of dream indeed. I had been woken before by the World Service, but this was later, in silence.

Last week of work before a lazy do-nothing holiday. My shoes are falling apart, my room is plunged into darkness, I have nothing much in the cupboards in the way of food, and most vital of all, I have rough sketch plans of a London holiday next year...I need pay day to come.