Sunday, August 27, 2006

This is new speak

A blog appears to be the new "must have" which is already old-hat in some quarters. It is the recordable CD, if you will, the idea which has already found its place on a dusty shelf in people's mind. Nostalgia is big business for a society which lives in fast-forward.

I have written a regular hard-copy real-life diary since the year 2000, only putting my fingerprints on the world of the blod in half-hearted attempts of getting this idea that has less potential than its reputations suggest. My friend says "Nobody wants to know I had Weetabix again this morning". Looking through the acres of bad poetry, updates from Squiggles the cat, and other blog standards, I know what he means. I hope to use this as my base, moving some existing blog entries from the other place to here in time, and getting into the swing of this new thing.