Thursday, August 31, 2006

sad but hopeful

Ah, the Internet, again...These blogs may allow any old soul to have immediate feedback on matters of the day, but it sure is hard to get on line, to access the pages, to express views. Indeed, with such low traffic, I wonder if there is an acutal benifit to all this. Acorns, clouds, journeys of certain miles...

Aboslutely livid to hear Hope of the States are to split. This news angers me, it annoys me, for all I see is another damn fine band washed up by the media, not any lack of a talent or possibility. Their albums are amongst the best UK release in the past few years, and their live sets can barely be faulted. I cannot understand why they have been allowed to slip through the's a damn shame, but also a mark against the music industry's precious soule. I wish Hope of the States well, for they have always deserved much more than they ultimately received.

Yet another dull day at work, as it goes. With one person down, is seems events are a magnet to certain people. I am one of those people - however much I would like to be taken seriously, it all seems to fall apart. I demand too much and act too hastily. Quite where I go from here I do not know, given the rots and the deep soil.

Without context, I am just another blogger, so I may need to flesh out a lot of bones. Musings of such character pollute the internet, with hundreds of such sites putting the world to rights from the bedroom chair, are of note maybe to a small circle. This is why I put my value in "hard copy" journals. Such is the way of the world, and of these modern times. More, anon, as ever.