Monday, August 28, 2006

fête de banque

Woke early, or woke at the normal waking hour for a work day, bothered about through the hard-copy diary, then on-line. The day has been spent breaking my back with a mass clean-up, shovelling clutter into the various (un-chipped) bins, putting paper work into some kind of order, and starting the movement from one kind of bedroom to another. Meanwhile, in this crazy world of unreal reality, the transfer from one blog to this continues, with the knowledge in the back of my mind that a) it matters not one jot, and b) it is only something with value in today's context, and I have no intention yet of stopping my journal writing in favour of the temporary cyberspace web-site.

Following the clean up, I jaunted townwards, to do little. Bank Holiday crowds muttered about, window-shopping, or dragging children around shops. In Waterstones, a mother complained, "It's not my fault if the reading list isn't here, is it, darling?". A crowd of Chinese students, notepads and maps in hands, fluttered about the closed market, whilst a couple chatting in French poked about a discount supermarket, their faces shouting disdain.

There are a few things bothering the mind, but they can remain within the head, and on paper, until (or unless) something significant changes.