Monday, August 28, 2006

bread, milk, fig rolls, raviloi

LibDem Councillor June Dodd has defected to the Conservatives.
Preston's student population is being expanded by its annual thrust of thousands. UCLan is one of the fastest growing universities in the country, and there is crowds of Chinese types busying themselves around the place, pointing at things. A clump was outside the English Martyrs Church, taking photographs, chattering at each other. I remember, years ago now, being approached by a group of French students asking directions. They asked for "Leezam Sont Onays", which meant nothing to me, so they tried again; "Leezam Sont Onays". Only when they pointed at a map did I realise where they meant - "Lytham St Annes", near Blackpool. The one bonus amongst the many about the students being here is the expanse of languages in the pubs and streets on Saturday - you can spot a well dressed Italian girl amongst the local shoppers a mile away. In the discount stores, gaggles of them buy small baskets of staples, and pay with £50 notes. One girl in front of me, with a £20 note, bought two packets of fig rolls, a loaf of bread, two bottles of milk, and tins of ravioli. She left with two hands of change and a cheery "Merci". There is little else happening, either within or outside my little world. I have been having a here-and-there day at work, with technical glitches aplenty. More later, anon.